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Jones Construction & Flooring always has a viable solution for your project. Based in Bogata, TX, we provide professional flooring and remodeling services that epitomize every modern standard. Our specialists can handle the most challenging jobs in a timely and efficient manner and will match your requirements with ease. With our interior renovation services, you will get the quality you deserve.

Whenever you are searching for professional bathroom and kitchen remodeling companies, we are the experts who will meet and exceed your expectations. Our specialists are experienced and qualified professionals who will complete any task according to your unique preferences. We have the equipment and materials to guarantee your satisfaction.

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Are Your Floors Showing Signs of Extensive Wear?

Perhaps your floors are showing signs of extensive damage and need to be replaced right away. Or maybe your flooring is still in good condition but it’s approaching the end of its lifespan, so you’ve decided to replace it with new materials before it develops issues. Either way, Jones Construction & Flooring can assist you! We are a team of wood flooring experts in Mt. Bogata, TX, and we can bring your flooring project to completion. Schedule an appointment with us now!

Choosing the Right Floors

Before we begin your flooring project, our team will sit down with you to determine the materials that you would like to use. There are dozens of flooring materials on the market nowadays, so it’s important to determine which one is ideal for your home.

If you already have a specific material in mind, we can go ahead and start the installation process. But, if you’re not yet sure which flooring material to use, don’t worry since our experts will assist you! They will introduce you to materials that fit your criteria, explain the pros and cons of each material, and ensure that you select a material perfectly suited for your needs and budget.

Laying Down Your New Flooring

Once you’ve picked the flooring material that you’ll use, we will begin the installation phase. We’ll remove your old floors and check the subfloor to know if it’s still in good condition or if it needs to be repaired. When the subfloor is ready, we’ll lay down your new flooring and ensure that it’s installed according to the highest standards. With our help, you can have brand-new floors that will beautify your property and last for a long time.

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